• Which are the causes that may trigger an autoimmune disease?

            Disorder of cellular metabolism, reversible particular type immune response (anti-RNA, anti-DNA antibodies, antinuclear antibodies) given by thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid dysfunction is induced in the body by:
- long-term negative stress;
- thyroid disease;
- treatments that may affect the thyroid functionality;
- repeated infections of the tonsils;
- usage of contraceptives, hormone therapy, implants, chemical preserved, colored, flavored foods, irradiation, chemical poisoning;
- permeation of chemical colloidal substances (i.e., cosmetics, a.s.o.) through the energetic channels due to a damaged epithelial tissue in the presence of excess physical factors (heat, UV radiation)


  • Which are the conditions that could develop this disorder?

There are essential two specific causes/conditions to make this disease occur:
1. A trigger aspect that will subsequently disappear;
2. An undertaking stimulus which is present throughout the whole period of the existent disorder until its complete remission (cure).

Thyroid gland releases a hormone called thyroxin detained in the thyroid colloids. Depending on the physiological needs of the body, these hormones are carried to the liver mitochondrial cell level by two enzymes which are flowing freely in the blood throughout the body: thyroxin-binding globulin (TBG) and thyroxin-binding protein (TBP). Once as the nervous system fails to control the thyroid, the thyroid colloids release into the blood stream significant quantities of thyroxin. As a result the thyroxin hormone is degraded by itself bearing two processes:
1.         Self-deterioration at the cellular level, except the liver, that creates permanent vasoconstrictor substances which reduce the vascular lumen to 1/3, inducing a state of permanent hypoxia of the cells irrigated by these capillary vessels. This condition brings as an immediate and direct effect the following changes:
2.         - An increased size (thickening) of cell membranes along with decreasing pore size, an electrical charge dissipation of the membrane and an energetic exchange blocking;
- Reducing the level of oxidative phosphorylation;
- Activation of protein oxidation along with anaerobic glycolysis accompanied by a caloric catabolic action;
- Blocking the lysosoma within the emergence of hunger elements and lysosomal crisis.

  • Why such diseases occur in a particular type immune response: lupic cells, anti-RNA, anti-DNA antibodies, antinuclear antibodies?

Basically, without the necessary amount of oxygen, the cells receiving only one third of the necessary to survive in the absence of oxygen will degrade glycogen (anaerobic glycolysis) to eliminate a lot of heat. This explains the long periods of time with sub fever/fever, state which fails to shield to antipyretic drug treatment but concedes the glucocorticoids (corticotherapy) in the beginning phases of LES. Blocking the production of glycogen along with degradation of the glycogen reserve will require the body to find other ways of survival. In despair, in the presence of cortisol secreted by the adrenal gland, it will convert the protein into glycogen and the glycogen into vital elements necessary for survival. The residual degraded proteins will remain in the cell cytoplasm as cytoplasm inclusions. The failure of excretion induces the cytoplasm to accumulate large amounts of undeleted debris that will change the chemical structure of the cell.
Immune response will occur detecting such cells intruders-like, not being able to recognize them anymore. The body will start the antinuclear antibody production at the first stage and afterwards will persevere in producing anti-DNA and anti-RNA antibodies, aiming the destruction of the chemically altered cells by removing their nucleus which contains genetic information. However these antibodies are not able to distinguish normal cells from cells with altered chemical composition, so they will destroy all cells containing in their core the RNA and DNA copied at the beginning. Therefore the desire of the body to defend stimulates itself to manufacturing weapons which eventually will destroy it, consequently our body will practically enter into collapse – and so here comes the notion of autoimmune disease.


  • Which internal organs may be affected?

The thyroxin self-destroy may also induce as a result substances that will block the metabolic processes which will eventually produce in the body immature and/or incomplete metabolites as a consequence of such process. These metabolites will be formed continuously and in increasingly large quantities. They will degrade themselves by producing toxins or by being released in the digestive tract. Their presence in the digestive tract will encourage certain types of microbial flora (common or pathogenic) which will multiply itself. The metabolism of these emergent products will influence such microbial flora to develop toxins that may affect only the digestive tract or it might get absorbed into the bloodstream passing through the two cleansing organs, irrespectively the kidney and / or liver.

Kidneys –paired organs in our body, are responsible for the function/regulation and cleansing/filtering of the entire extra peritoneal area. Depending on the toxins and damaged organs it may produce:
- Kidneys                                                      - lupic nephritis;
- Heart                                                           - lupic endocarditis;
- Vascular system                                        - lupic vasculitis;
- Skeletal system and lymph                      - lymphatic lupus;
- Muscles                                                      - myositis, muscular dystrophy;
- Membranes, mucous membranes          - mouth and nasal passages inflammation;
- Skin                                                            - skin rashes on areas of energetic projection
by modifications of the skin appearance.

Liver – is a vital organ responsible for function/detoxification of the entire intraperitoneal area (i.e., thin and thick intestine, pancreas, gall bladder) and extra peritoneal (i.e., esophagus, tongue and sublingual area). Likewise, the liver has an external energetic projection area placed on the scalp.


  • Why such disorders occur with skin rashes without altering the blood structure?

Cutaneous lupus – a disease without blood alterations – is a not life-threatening disease, but impresses by its crippling image with severe form of rashes. The cutaneous rashes are actually given by the skin reaction to a toxin transiting the body from inside outwards. These toxins are removed from the place of formation of internal organs passing through energy channels, then being carried by the energetic stream from cell to cell. The cutaneous eruption is a normal state of manifesting the disease, which should not be suppressed. Suppressing eruption by blocking the energetic channels will generate toxin accumulation in the body, generating the disorder and, subsequently, developing SLE.


  • Why skin rashes on different levels?

We made here some notes about energetic channels, energetic flow, and energetic projection areas. Energy projection areas are only a representation of our internal organs on the skin surface. There are about 700 virtual energetic channels which do not intersect among them, with reversible circuit that allows the energy upload or the toxin removal. Each energy channel corresponds to an energetic point on the skin surface. Around each and every energetic point there is present an energetic area, and the overall of such areas represents the energetic areas corresponding with the area held by the irrespective internal organ.


Kidneys – have as external energetic projection areas the following: forehead and eyes ("Mask of Zorro"-pattern), nasal passages, hands (like region covered by a glove), feet (like area covered by socks), skin of the elbows and knees, the mouth cavity and its lips.
The internal energetic projection areas of kidneys are presented below:
- Kidneys-lungs (elimination of toxin through this direction induces lupic pleuritis);
- Kidneys-heart (elimination of toxin through this pathway produces lupic endocarditis);
- Kidneys- brain (neurological disorders);
- Kidneys-bones (lymphatic lupus);
- Kidneys-muscles (myositis, muscular dystrophy).

Liver – has as external energetic projection area: the scalp;
The internal energetic projection areas of liver are:
- Esophagus;
- Tongue;
- Sublingual area.


Stomach - nose and cheeks.

Gall bladder –beneath patella region (under the kneecap) corresponding to a palm size.

Pancreas - the area over the malleolus, on both sides of the foot, corresponding to a palm size (elimination of toxin through this channel produces the varicose ulcers of necrotic or lupic feature).


  • How can be explained the healing process within such disorders?

What sustains body to remove such disease, what helps the immune system and how to approach healing, which is the healing process?
The human body represents an energetic complex structure with a defense mechanism that helps it maintaining an optimal balance. This mechanism has a energetic level specific to each and every individual body, having its energy arranged on 12 energetic layers, concentrically disposed, with decreasing energies from the middle (core, nucleus) layer towards outer layers (the atomic model).
When such disease attacks and invades the body, will attack the first energetic layer (nucleus) destroying its energy. If disease overcomes this attack destroying the above mentioned layer, the body will step back and will continue fighting from the next layer charged with less energy. As the body will withdraw to the outer layers charged with lesser energy, the disease gets more severe and its symptoms will alter dramatically.
To prevent the disease recurrence and the interminable physical distress, we will help our body to overcome such ailment by removing the determined cause using therapeutic stimulation. Such stimulation consists in bringing into our body a vital energy (required to suppress and remove the toxins) equivalent with the instant energy of the damaged layer, along with the channels releasing and by increasing the energetic flow. Basically, we need to produce in our body certain energies specific to all the energetic layers despite the severity level of chronic disease and also regardless of energy particular to each layer. Healing represents actually a quantum leap generated by new forms of energy, from outside to inside, whereas the body overcomes the disease ultimately and gradually. There arisen eloquent questions whether there are other options to restore health apart from the allopathic treatment (chemical drug administration) which is so vulnerable, impaired and full of risks? What should include such a treatment?
Health represents an innate and natural condition and only the Nature can control and influence the health state. For the therapeutic stimulation we used natural compounds, i.e. herbal substances extracted from a selected variety of herbs. Their effect over time did not damage the body, but removed completely the alterations produced by disease. The treatment I initially used for self-healing, was aiming the following:
- Preventing the toxin formation and restoring the metabolic processes induced by the toxin;
- Rebounding the toxin stored in the body;
- Strengthening and reinforcing the vital organs in order to enhance toxin release.


  • How much it takes to heal the cutaneous and internal types of such autoimmune disorder?

For all lupus disorders (i.e., SLE, CLE, DLE) the therapy was initially approached with natural extracts administrated in parallel with drug (allopathic) treatment and in conformity with certain positive test values that previously diagnosed the disease. Alongside the decreased values of the above mentioned analysis was decreased gradually the amount of chemical drugs, and when the analysis values have reached the negative (normal) values the medical treatment was discontinued, persevering with the natural extracts therapy. The duration of such therapy aimed the negative tests and improved general condition of the patient. If the specific tests will persevere as negative within a period of 1.5 - 2 years since the patient was diagnosed and its overall condition was excellent, then the therapy was finally ceased. Personally, diagnosed with SLE in 1984, I've never had any symptoms of lupus since 1990.


Lupus with skin rashes types can reveal three forms of healing:

1.         The areas affected by skin rashes are getting extended, escalating with a massive elimination of toxin. These rashes disappear after a certain period (in my case, within about 28 days) having a recurrence after a while (in my situation, after two months), but each and every time the rashes presented ½ of the previous eruption’s extent. Thus, I had eight such eruption occurrences and the last one was barely visible.

2.         The skin rash areas disappear while other eruptions are occurring in different sites than the initial ones (transient rashes).

3.         The eruption areas disappear gradually, in the reversed order they occurred.


            The treatment should be continued within a certain period after the symptoms and the cutaneous eruptions disappear considering as follows:

    • Each and every organism has a limit of tolerance and one of balance.
    • When the toxin is quantitatively contained between zero ÷ tolerance thresholds, then the organism does not react; or
    • Once the amount of toxin exceeds the tolerance threshold reaching the right balance (endurance limit), the body begins to show early clinical signs of disease.
    • When the quantity of toxin exceeds the balance (endurance) threshold, manifestations of the disease are increasingly worsening. Elimination of toxin will actually represent the reversed process of toxin accumulation and disease recurrence. As toxin will decrease below the body's tolerance, the disease symptoms will completely withdraw making us feel cured; though the cure with natural herbal extracts should be continued to the total elimination of toxins (reaching the zero value).


  • How to explain natural healing? Why herbal therapy?

From where comes such energy?

There is an order of things in nature that only nature can rule and control it. We are telluric beings and we are feeding, surviving with solar energy.
Let's look at the hemoglobin and chlorophyll formulas; we notice they are identically, though the only difference is the bivalent iron atom Fe 2+ in hemoglobin and Mg 2+ on chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll has a significantly energized electron e - that "disappears" with the energetic load, next reappearing with a low energy. It is charged on chlorophyll level and carries this energy in the herb. The energetic mechanism was explained above.

            Indifferent what parts of the herbals we use (i.e., roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds), they actually contain natural substances synthesized by living cells. Such bioenergetical substances derive from photosynthesis (sunlight, water, air, chemical elements from soil).

  • Why these diseases occur in children?


The cause which can trigger such disorders in children can be given by the toxins that have passed the placenta barrier.
- Fertilization treatments;
- Excessive use of contraceptives;
- Treatments for maintaining pregnancy;
- Pregnancy stress;
- Long-term constipation in the last months of pregnancy.
Depending on the detained amount of toxin, children can be born with this disease or this illness can occur within 1 to 3 years after the child goes on normal diet. Such ailments are curable.


  •  Instead of conclusion. In theory there are known 164 toxins that can provoke 164 types of disorder, turning out sometimes into 1 to 7 conditions. An individual can develop the lupus disease with one, two or more toxins selected randomly. Therefore we will have a large range of diseases each patient being unique as individual, also by having a unique form of such disease. The most interested in restoring their health were and will be the patients themselves and their peers and devoted ones. Herewith I refer myself to all of them putting to their disposal all my researches so far. Lupus and any kind of collagen disease are curable, without medical (health) risk.



Lupus Eritematos

Cell Metabolism disorder, reversible, with special type immune response (antibodies, antiARN, antiADN, ANA) gave by a thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction is induced in the body by:



Psoriasis it's a disease being characterized by the appearance on the skin surface of the squamouses eruption zones. We can ask these questions:
•   Why these eruptions appear?
•   How can we help our body to get rid of the disease forever?
•   There are other  ways beside synthesis allopate medications which can heal(cure)?
There are two essential causes for a disease as psoriasis to manifest:
1.   A cause which triggers the disease and then vanishes
2.   And one that sustains the disease during its manifestation.  

.