The disease occurs due to the formation of toxins in the digestive tract by a process of fermentation and decay of immature or incomplete metabolic product. These toxins are passing into the blood stream and will be eliminated through energetic channels by the kidney, liver or the organs forming such metabolic wastes. These organs will remove the toxins through their areas of energetic projection.
The kidney will remove toxins by manifesting rash eruptions in the joints, hands and feet. The liver will eliminate toxins by presenting rashes at the skin head level (scalp). The small intestine removes toxins by localized eruptions on the face, chest, abdomen, inner part of the arms and legs. The colon removes toxins through the back (shoulder blades, buttocks), the outside part of the arms and legs.
The cutaneous rash is not the disease itself, but the skin reaction to the toxins bypassing through them. Treatment is performed by removing the root-cause which maintains the disorder, actually treating the damaged internal organs and not the skin.
The therapy consists of teas, tinctures, ointments, herbal juices, herbal baths and a dietetic regime. I can supply the tea blend, but the tinctures shall be prepared/ supplied by each patient depending on the skin rash extension (surface).

Their purpose is to facilitate a rapid elimination of toxin while protecting the skin rashes and lesions from any microbial infection during the whole period of treatment.


Marigold (Lat. - Calendula Officinalis) tincture:

Marigold tincture can be obtained from raw fresh flowers set into a container hermetically sealed, leaving the flowers in the vessel as the fall; do not press on them. Over the flowers pour double refined alcohol of 600 - 700 enough as to cover the flowers. The container is wrapped in dark paper and placed in the sun, taking care to shake it 2-3 times a day. After 14 days the tincture is filtered and kept in a cold and dark place. The role of this tincture is to heal without leaving scars.


St. John's Wort (Lat. – Hypericum Perforatum) tincture:

St. John’s Wort tincture is obtained by the same procedure as with Marigold. Its role is to dilate the skin pores and to rapidly remove toxins from the skin.

Peppermint (Lat. – Menthae piperitae) tincture:
This tincture is obtained from green leaves, chopped to 1-2 cm; the chopped leaves are set, as they sit in the fall, in pots with wide neck that can be sealed. Cover the fresh chopped peppermint with double refined alcohol and proceed according to the same method above exposed. The aim of this tincture is relieving itching.

  • Basil and Greater Celandine tinctures:

To obtain such tincture prepare it practically the same as the peppermint tincture. Basil tincture is a powerful disinfectant and greater celandine tincture’s role is to impregnate the epithelial cells making them impenetrable for microbes and fungi.


(Lat., Juglans regia)

Walnut tincture:

This tincture is obtained from fresh green walnut shells obtained by peeling. The natural iodine contained in this suspension protects the skin. Release alcohol over the green coconut shells and proceed as a.m. method.

All the above mentioned tinctures shall be prepared individually and when they are ready blend all six extracts altogether. The final blend will be applied on the skin eruptions shortly after the herbal hot baths.
Herewith we refer to greater celandine juice obtained from raw plant after the blossoming stage. Celandine is finely chopped with a knife then minced through the meat grinder. The pulp resulted is squeezed and the raw juice obtained can be used alone or mixed in equal proportion in addition to tinctures. More specifically, to 100 ml juice will be added 100 ml of the a.m. tinctures blend.
Necessary quantities of juices and tinctures are depending on the skin rashes/lesions extent. As more the rash affects larger areas of skin the necessary amount of tincture and juice will be higher. Usually, an individual with a generalized psoriasis needs about 2 to 4 liters of tinctures.


 To prepare ointments we need pork fat (unsalted lard), raw marigold flowers or comfrey (Symphytum officinale) roots.

Marigold ointment is obtained from green plants in flourishing stage. Marigold herb shall be minced to 1-2 cm (of about 250 g) then it will be fried in pork unsalted lard (400 ml), on low heat, until the minced marigold will look like a well toasted onion. Allow this mixture to rest for 12 hours, afterwards heat it until becomes liquid, then filter and keep it in a cold place.
Comfrey ointment is obtained from fresh roots thoroughly cleaned, washed and chopped. Necessary quantities and preparation modality are similar to those described above.



Use the following herbs: nettles (whole plant), walnut leaves and celandine. For hair bathe take a hand of each plant above, put this mixture into 10 liters of water and boil it. When the water temperature is tolerable, use half of this infusion to wash the hair with neutral pH soap then rinse your hair with the other half of this herbal infusion. Do not wipe the hair. For general baths the plants shall be used in larger quantities maintaining their proportion (concentration) and pouring boiling water over them. Stay in the herbal bath for 20 to 25 minutes. Do not wipe the body after this bath. Herbal baths should be completed 1-2 times per week. After the bath, when the body got dry, the eruptions will be gently tapped with simple celandine juice or celandine juice mixed with the tinctures. Will be applied 2-3 gently taps. Within two hours on these rashes will be applied one of the above natural ointments.
If unable to make full herbal baths, then we can have a simple bath, with hot water and gentle soap, applying the juice, tinctures and ointments in the same manner as above.


There could be described three ways of healing. In people with generalized rash it is possible that:
1. - rash area to be reduced gradually as the toxin is removed from the body. Healing occurs in a longer period of time;
2. - affected skin areas can double or triple in surface and get healed after 2-3 weeks;
3. - rashes disappear after 2-3 weeks, occurring after an interval of time, but each time less than half than have been previously. In these cases, the body eliminates toxins in fractions.


KIDNEYS will eliminate the toxin by:
- sweating, which may be abundant, with a faint odor slightly changed, it also may color underwear;
- urine that may have different color and odor, sometimes frequent urination with burning discomfort.
- joint pains with swollen joints;
- skin rash on hands, feet, head, joints.

BY DIGESTIVE WAY toxins will be eliminated by:
- undigested materials (solid wastes) with a different color and smell, sometimes with diarrhea and abdominal cramps in large deletions of the toxin.
- skin rashes on the head (liver), face, abdomen, arms (small intestine), neck, back, buttocks (large intestine).
If the toxin deletions are massive and appear one of the above events, discontinue the tea administration for a while (about 3-7 days). The treatment will be resumed after the disappearance of a.m. manifestations. Appearance of such events is due to release of a large amount of toxin that your body can not eliminate at a time. For example pain represents a “warning sign” from our body that learns us when our body needs help.
Tea contains ready-synthesized natural elements recognized by our body, constituents that are used by it as needed at the time. The tea, practically, has no interdictions. It is not addictive, does not favorize or activate other diseases. This tea can be used alongside any medication.


Nutrition refers to the exclusion of the following foods: alcohol, vinegar, sugar, sugar substitutes, carbonated beverages, smoked foods, fat, citrus, chilly pepper, black pepper. You can eat: lean, fresh or frozen meat of any type, also milk and milk derivatives, eggs, vegetables, fruits.



A1 and A2 teas are to be intake alternatively, by a rotation daily scheme throughout the whole cure: one day A1, next day A2 a.s.o.
Repeat without pausing.
Tinctures are applied after the hot bath by 1-3 successive applications. Two hours later will be applied the ointment.


Lupus Eritematos

Cell Metabolism disorder, reversible, with special type immune response (antibodies, antiARN, antiADN, ANA) gave by a thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction is induced in the body by:



Psoriasis it's a disease being characterized by the appearance on the skin surface of the squamouses eruption zones. We can ask these questions:
•   Why these eruptions appear?
•   How can we help our body to get rid of the disease forever?
•   There are other  ways beside synthesis allopate medications which can heal(cure)?
There are two essential causes for a disease as psoriasis to manifest:
1.   A cause which triggers the disease and then vanishes
2.   And one that sustains the disease during its manifestation.  

.